Thursday, February 18, 2016

One. More. Week. heck.

One more week and we are on our way to Hong Kong! We will stay in Hong Kong Friday and Saturday night and then fly to Kunming City Sunday! Monday we meet ZhenAi for the first time.

No, I'm not ready. stomach is in knots.

We have decided to take Izrael and Nazara with us (4 and 2yo).

This was a big decision.  So many factors go into it. I wish it were easy and straight forward.  One of the hard parts of parenting is knowing and meeting the needs of each of our children.  We have left Izrael for a few days and she does ok. But leaving her for 15 days...I had no peace about. She's so tender hearted, so sensitive, so quiet and internalizes everything. I relate to all of the above as I was the same at her age. She may process us leaving her for 15 days as something entirely different than it really is.  Every time I asked her about how much fun she was going to have with her Aunt she was tear up and say "but I miss you".

Yes. I know each child will miss us but her tenderness and sensitive spirit is what made us change our minds. And the complete peace we both experienced when we applied for her visa and purchased her flights confirmed everything.

Her and Nazara will do great together and we are praying the joy these two have help our beautiful ZhenAi girl in the tough transition ahead.

Another adoptive family will be in the Kunming City orphanage meeting their new daughter on Feb 22 and in the hopes of seeing ZhenAi they took a sweet little gift I mailed to them. A photo album of our family and this adorable little necklace and angel charm.

I'm not going to lie...I'm waiting with baited breath to see if she gets to see ZhenAi and to see photos of her finding out she has a family for the first time!

I'm going to post our gofundme one last time as we are short funds.  If you want to be a part of ZhenAi's story home...please click the link below to help us with the final travel bill and orphanage donation fee (a mandatory donation of over $5000!)

From the bottom of our hearts...thank you!!

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  1. How exciting!! The week before we travel, I struggle to sleep because I can't turn my brain off- I hope you are able to get enough rest so that the jet lag doesn't hit too hard. Blessings on a loving and peaceful first meeting with your new daughter! She is blessed to be joining your family and in turn, you will be blessed by her. If you get a chance to shop at the pearl market in Guangzhou, you won't regret it! (You can barter the dealers down and I was able to get pearl necklaces for my girls as special souvenirs for them that they can have as adults.) Have a wonderful trip and a special time with your new daughter~