Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Our update may be delayed but don't think it is because it's negative.

On the contrary...it's amazing.

ZhenAi is doing incredible.  Like...really.

Today is day three without a fit and I thought the day that everything went crazy was likely a breakthrough day.  It proved to be so.

Don't worry, it's not my 'first rodeo' and I'm well aware grieving isn't over and I don't even want it to be.  But we have definitely turned a corner.

A beautiful corner.

She is really lovely.  ZhenAi adores Tirzah. I mean...she lights up like a child on Christmas morning when she sees her.  Which is pretty awesome in itself. I'm glad she's really drawn to her and is going to learn from someone with such a big patient, heart.

Saturday Tirzah wanted to take me on a date. I asked her if ZhenAi could come and she immediately responded with "oh of course!". So Tirzah took us to Five Guys for burgers and fries.

ZhenAi literally skipped up the stairs to get her shoes and skipped all the way to the van!  I thought it was super sweet that Tirzah sat in the back with her instead of the front seat.  Every time I looked back at her she was beaming. Both of them.

After lunch we went to Marshall's to look for some things for Tirzah's room. Our thoughts since gotcha day were that ZhenAi needed to be upstairs closer to us.  However, Tirzah brought her down to her room and ZhenAi lit up at the idea of sleeping down there. Their mattresses are still on the floor but beds are on the way.  So we said we could absolutely try it.

The first morning (Sunday), ZhenAi and Tirzah come up for breakfast and ZhenAi is dressed for church with her hair done! Tirzah said "oh she knew exactly what she wanted to wear and let me do her hair!"  Cutest ever.

 Honestly, Tirzah has done amazing.  She took the news that ZhenAi seems to be quite a bit developmentally delayed...like a champ. She didn't really bat an eye. There was no sign of disappointment or anything about 'her' desire to have a sister that was a peer.  When we told her ZhenAi doesn't appear to speak, even in Mandarin, she didn't bat an eye there either.  She adores her.

ZhenAi copies Tirzah's every move. If Tirzah sits up straighter, ZhenAi copies.  If Tirzah says "Thank You" extra loud, so does ZhenAi.

It's now been a few nights and it's going great.  It's interesting that my last  blog post journalled the last hurrah of temper fits.  She comes for a hug every night, even if she seems to lack the concept, she leans in.

If only you could see just how calm and wonderful life really is in our house.  It is.  And our hearts are so thankful.

After dinner in our house is reading time.  It's amazing how silent this house can be! :)

Before dinner is a little louder :) Toys are all put away for the day and kids are helping in the kitchen....(you know how much easier it is to do it on my own, right? :) )

(Like Zion's tattoo...?)

And the little kids that keep it very...very...lively :)


  1. Awww, so nice to hear such a sweet story! Loved it! Hope our newest addition coming this fall loves her new siblings as much as ZhenAi does! It is so wonderful to hear to how Tirzah is welcoming her too...what a great sister!

  2. I check every day for an update. Today's made my heart give thanks. Just know that our prayer's are still with you and your family and sweet ZhenAi.

  3. love this update :) Thanking the Lord with you!

  4. Oh YAY!!! I have been wondering how Tirzah and ZhenAi have been getting on. <3 LOVE LOVE this news!

  5. So thankful to hear such a positive update. I love that you have quiet reading time after dinner, what a great idea. Tirzah makes me smile, what a blessing she is! 💕

  6. Yay for all the sibling love... super thankful and happy for you all.... but Jan I need a tour of your new house!!!! I spy a GORGEOUS backsplash there :) XO

  7. I love Tirzah's generous and loving heart! That sweet young lady is going to bring praise to the Lord and I believe, hearts to the Lord, I'm sure!
    I'm so glad that things are going much better and praise God that ZhenAi has such a loving and God loving home.
    Wishing you and your beautiful family a blessed Easter, Janice!
    Love, Lori