Monday, March 14, 2016

Five years of Izrael Promise

**I updated our trip blogpost with many more photos tonight. If you want to see more, go back starting with day one in Hong Kong**

Time will never cease to amaze me.

How does this happen? I'm blessed to be able to say that I haven't missed a moment of Izrael Promise.  Not a moment.  I'm home full time (running a business) and working around our amazing kids.  Yet...I still don't know how it's been 5 years.  Five years of this little girl.

Remember just before we went to China 3.5 years ago...? Remember the miracle of Izrael? Crazy that she's even still alive!! She had swallowed a penny...for 6-7 months! The ENT said she had never ever seen anything like it! The penny was completely overgrown with blood vessels in her esophagus! That's how long it was there! If it wasn't for my insisting and arguing with the pediatrician that SOMETHING WAS WRONG with my baby...who knows what would have happened. He said she was fine and would 'outgrow it'.  Yet I couldn't rest.  She was wheezing and puking 10 times a day! She puked banana!! He said put her back on baby food. So glad I begged and begged for a swallow study.  It took TWO WEEKS before he ordered it but once they did...oh my word. I collapsed over her in the chair in deep sobs.  How could they miss this? She had a penny in her esophogus! They tried to tell me it happens all the I was sobbing b/c she had these symptoms for at least six months! They insisted there was no way, it was impossible!

Yes it was possible.  The surgeon said had she not known my story she may have thought it was a tumor because it was that concealed in blood vessels and tissue! A penny.  6-7 months in her esophagus.  She said at any point it could have perforated and she would have bled out in her sleep. Without us ever knowing.  Oh my heck.

And here she is.  Five years old.  A sweet, sensitive, tender spirit.  Her shoulders are often hunched. It's hard to express her thought without tears. Don't look at her too intently because the attention will de-nerve her.

I could not be more thankful that we stuck with our gut and took her to China. This child blossomed right in front of us.  We worked hard on expressing with words not tears. She did amazing.  She bonded so much with Nazara whereas at home she spends most of her time with Zihao.  She just came out of her shell and we could see that tonight at her little birthday celebration.

We went into town (we are country folk now...;) ) I took the oldest 7 into Walmart with me. :) ZhenAi's first time! She held my hand (all her initiative) and we got cake, some groceries and then toy shopped.  She had $10 from Auntie Tracey (for her birthday) and I put it in her purse. When she saw the baby dolls she LIT up. She couldn't understand that Tirzah and I were trying to get her to pick one. We would put 3 on the floor and motion for her to choose but she would point to all three. Finally I picked one up and when I handed to her she hugged and hugged it. :) That was the one!

We picked gifts for Izrael while she stayed in the van with Daddy and the younger kids.

We came home, did dinner and got ready for the little party.  We don't do big parties. We have birthdays monthly starting in March-Sept and then again in Nov and Dec. We keep it simple and have an amazing crew here to celebrate each one.

Azahria Peace!

Zion Courage!

The lovely ZhenAi 

ZhenAi with her new baby!

My heart could burst! 


Really burst.


Izrael and Big Piggy. Best friends.

She wanted drums.  :)

A gift from Azlan.

A gift from Azahria

Nana and Papa gave jammies to Big Piggy! :)

They fit perfectly! (Newborn infant clothes fit Big Piggy just right!)

And a bed for Big Piggy from Nana and Papa (though I'm sure he won't last the night and will need to crawl in with Izrael ;)

A pair of jeans, shirt and a new dress from Nana and Papa too!

A gift from Chazano

And from Zion

A gift from Auntie Tanis

And a new art set from Mommy and Daddy (this girl loves to draw and color)

Showing her new glasses from Nana and Papa :)

The night ended with so many teeth being brushed...and just as many bedtime prayers.  One of my favorite parts of the day. Not because it's Because it's so special. It really is.  Prayers and hugs and lights turned out.  Coming back upstairs to help ZhenAi.  Teeth brush, jammies on, new jean overalls in her drawer ready for tomorrow from Nana and Papa. She copied every word of my prayer tonight and instantly popped up for a hug.  As I went out I thought today went just amazing.  Then she started screaming. And screaming. And screaming.  I went back in and tried to settle her. Completely freaking out pointing to the window.  We again thanked her Yunnan Auntie for all she did for her. Blew her kisses (she watched me so intently)...I actually have the Mandarin words for all of this as I remember from our guide doing it.  Stopped crying and just watched me.  Waved to the window and wished her Auntie a great night sleep.  She never moved.  

I then started to rub her back and sing Jesus Loves Me.  Yes...Jesus Loves Me. She was tight...I could feel her almost pulling away from me.  I continued to rub her back and sing.  I must have sang the whole thing 5-6 times. Then I hummed it several more. She was almost asleep. She waved bye to me and as soon as I was out started screaming again.  I opened her door (she insists on it closed) so she could hear me cleaning the kitchen and see the lights.  She nodded.  Then we turned on music for her. I haven't heard a peep since, she's fast asleep.

It's brain is buzzing. Mind as well give it coffee. Caffeine has never affected me in any negative way, so it's not like that would hinder sleep. I have zero patience to just lay and wait for sleep to find me.  I know...I know.  You think I need to rest.  :)

Good night friends. 

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  1. I am SO enjoying Gods story unfolding! Makes me smile thinking I have it all figured out, just a few kids and I am done! Your wise words remind and confirm to me, that me putting boundaries on God is like trying to hold the sun from rising! It IS Gods story and imagine if we come over and try to rip pages out of a book? We would miss the good parts, the parts we grow from and learn. It is in fact a whole new world when we say God, Just send me, use me, I Janice our living out what God set forth in front of you with ridiculous abandon! And because of your complete obedience, even in your stepped out and told God...yes and because of this your dreams and desires are being molded into a story like none other! You are witnessing God at work right in front of your eyes and of coarse, HIS story is becoming a best seller! :-) But this is not the primary goal, but nevertheless your story amazes and people love it! Its real, messy, beautiful, redeaming, courageous...all of it! Gods Your gift from God!!! To enjoy and see as he weaves, grafts and adds pages to this unfolding story!!!! Nothing better in life then to see firsthand the miracles God brings forth and the love he puts in families! Enjoy! God IS Good! ��