Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Not quite into routine.

Last week, the couple who met us in Seattle to start the video documentary, came to our house.  Let's just say this...I could never have a TLC show for all those of you that suggest it.  Now I know, I know, it also comes with like $20,000 a show so maybe I'd rethink it but ... I'm not sure. :)

These people are wonderful, don't get me wrong. It's just having a camera in our faces non stop...? No. Thanks.

They came Thursday. Thursday night we stayed up til almost 2am filming interview style. Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday and they left Monday afternoon.


The kids are pros at ignoring the camera, except ZhenAi :) Every shot of her is her posing I have no doubt, she just kept staring at the camera and it was pretty difficult to explain how to ignore it, so we just let it be.

We had Easter at our friends' house and they were so very kind to cook for our not-quite-so-small-crew.  Love them.

ZhenAi is doing really well. The fits have started again but more in response to being told what to do. Hmmmm. :) She wrote with pen all over the brand new bench in Tirzah's room which was really sad. I'll work hard at getting it out, it was literally 5 days old.  We aren't sure it's going to work right now with her down in Tirzah's room, it's hard to say.  She loves to go in the room and lock the door and have us all panicking and banging until she opens it.  She locked herself in the bathroom the other day and put nail polish all over her toes and fingers (yes, toes and fingers, not nails) and Tirzah's bathroom counter.  Ahhh.

She does pull herself out of the fits a lot faster and the intensity has dropped significantly. Though if you saw me pretty much carrying her up the stairs the other day, you might disagree :) I assure you however, they are pretty mild in comparison. And...we can handle it. Totally.

The boys playing football with Joey, our videographer right there.

Really. So adorable. Swinging at Miss Loralee's! 

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  1. Will you keep us posted so we know how to see the documentary when it is finished?
    Still praying for you all!