Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The hard.

As many of you know, one of the mantras in our family is "I can do hard things."

We all have our hard.  Your situation is your situation and when you are in the thick of it...it's as hard as you can handle and you find yourself deep breathing through it.

Have you ever noticed that it's all about perspective?  That moment when the 'real hard' hits and you suddenly realize up until this point, all the 'hard' was a cake walk in comparison...?

Ever been there?

That's where we are right now.

Hard? We haven't seen hard before now.  Well, yes...we have. But now that we are in this hard...no...we haven't.

Some wisdom from the hardest of hard...

~everything you are sure you could never survive...? You can.  When surviving is really your only choice.  You can.

~your heart will keep beating even when you are convinced it cannot possibly.

~when you are at your weakest...and have no strength left to rely on...you can tangibly feel the presence of God Himself.

~you can cry all night long and get up and be productive the next day.

~you are a fighter.  You are.  Like you've never known someone to be.

~in the hardest of hard...you will see you are never alone. Millions have walked this path before you. Tragically.  And suddenly you become like family. You have a bond that forever connects you to those who survived a similar hard.

~when people rally to pray for you, something magical happens.  You suddenly seem stronger. More capable to carry on.  Almost like Someone steps in and holds you.

~if you listen closely, you will hear messages of hope. From the most unlikely sources.  Sometimes giving you just enough to keep you breathing.

~you will be ok.

~He really does work ALL things for good to them that love Him. All things. Even the horribly ugly, painful, impossibly hard things.  All things.

~trust that still small voice. Just do.

Don't worry about us. Please don't.  We are ok. Pray for us...absolutely. But don't worry.  God is always good and He has never ever abandoned us.

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  1. Dear Janice, I am thinking of you all and praying for you. I can identify that feeling of previous hard times not looking so bad in the face of new and harder challenges. And yes, we sometimes wonder and question our ability to make it through--until we are reminded that even if we can't, God CAN! He will carry us just as surely as you hold your children closer when they are hurting.
    I won't burden you with any additional stuff but I am not sure you got my last email. I feel like I have let you down and if that is the case, I apologize and want to find a way to make it right if you will let me. I value our online friendship!
    Love, Lori