Sunday, May 29, 2016

Time to fly.

This has been on my heart for months now.  Time to fly.

In fact, I bought a custom made bracelet with one of my favorite quotes on it...ending with "but what if I fall? Oh but my darling...what if you fly?"

I've learned in my life that each lesson I'm learning...someone else is often learning. Though the circumstance may be very very different...we are all learning from each other.

We made a sudden, impromptu decision to go to the Oregon coast for a few days.  For those that have followed our journey, you know this is a very emotional place for me. I can't quite put my finger on it...but there's something special there.

The roar, majesty, vigor of the ocean in THAT spot trumps all others for me.  It's just...loud. And powerful.  And when you have hard things in your's louder than all of those things.  All of them. And somehow in it's brings peace.

We were walking along the beach on day one and Izrael Promise said "mommy...? Can I go play with the birds?" not giving it a second thought, I said "yes go ahead!" fully assuming she was going to run to where they were and they would all fly away. And ... that that would be her intent.

What I saw however...left me spell bound.

She didn't chase them away.  She ran to them...and began to "fly".

To say this was emotional for me...was an understatement.

As we were leaving the beach, a lady approached Izrael and I with a pink kite. She said someone gave it to them and they wanted to give it to us.  What a perfect way to end that day.  Yes. The gift of a kite was something much deeper than it appeared.

It's time to fly.

For me. 

Izrael Promise.

And you.


  1. I love this, Janice. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Oregon coast. I feel the same way about it as you...its power drowns out everything else.

  2. Love the ocean -- in all it's beauty and power. In fact, was telling my mom and also a friend of mine recently that I HAVE to get to the ocean this summer. I live about 45 minutes away from it and yet, I haven't been there in years. I don't have a vehicle but I CAN help someone with gas money so that is a summertime goal of mine.
    As always, your posts speak to so many -- myself included! I find I keep going back to thinking about making a big move - perhaps even out of state. It is not even a conscious process this thinking about it because it just seems to keep coming back to me weeks or months later even as I tell myself I've "dismissed it" as impossible or just a fleeting notion. I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps this is God speaking to my heart. Maybe it IS time to fly despite my anxiety and fears over such a huge change and how/where to begin!
    Thinking of you and your precious family, Janice and keeping you in my prayers.
    Love and hugs!

    1. It is definitely your time to fly, Lori!

  3. Love your stories thank you for sharing- time to fly! Xoxo

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