Sunday, July 24, 2016

We are alive. :)

Sorry I've been so silent.

I've received plenty of messages of concern and want you all to know...we are indeed alive.

Two weeks ago, our mountain caught on fire and that provided some real excitement for some special boys :) While we didn't have huge concern that our home was at risk, this was a massive wildfire and we were evacuated and were told our home was "indefensible" by the firemen. So...yes. It was a real concern.

We were back in the house that night and continued to watch the fire burn out our window (a very safe distance from us at that point).  We heard that some boys caused the fire and were fined a HUGE fine.  Yikes!!

So we went from this:

To this:

But our house survived.  And yes...with the tremendous amount of hard things we've been going through...losing our house on top of it would have been a pretty big deal.  Thankful.

Someone just blessed our socks off, out of the blue, offering us a condo on the beach in Florida for a MONTH totally free!! So, the Walker crew will be driving to Florida in September (yes well over 40 hours each way) and taking the entire month of September (including driving time) to go on this amazing adventure!  So thankful for the freedom our life gives us, both of us working from home that allows us to pick up and leave for a month.
We are counting down the days and cannot wait.  Nazara cannot believe she can actually meet Minnie Mouse and Izrael is so excited to see a princess castle!  Days of beach time and really...? Healing.  There are no words for this gift.  We are so very grateful.  As many of you know, the ocean is healing for me.

We've never needed it more.

Thank you for praying for us. And please...continue.  God has shown up in ways that has left our mouths open.  This has been a very, very dark journey but someone made us promise we would look for the gifts along the way.  And oh...the gifts.

So many gifts.

Including this amazing Florida adventure.

And friends that have rallied around us.  And each of you. Who have prayed for us when you didn't even know why.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Someday, I'll share our story.

I will.


  1. So glad to hear you are all ok and that a Healing Florida vacation is coming for your family!!! The beach and The ocean is healing to our family too. So looking forward to doing that next year after completing our adoption. Its so tiring to be in the middle of trials, so there myself right glad God sends a way each time to refresh our minds and bodies when hard times come. Its like standing on the top of a mountain and looking down and realizing how far we have come. Victory! Wishing that victory for you today! Glad your home is ok too, its beautiful! Blessings to all of you!

  2. LOVE that fam picture!!! Miss you girl!! Glad you're home is safe.
    Excited for your FL adventure.

  3. It sounds like your family is going through a tough season, but the good news is that there is always an end to every season! I'm not making light of your situation, because we have also had some very tough seasons that have tested us, but it keeps me going just knowing that eventually we get through the valley and find out way up into the light again. We are a family (13 children) also built by birth and adoption, and I find such connection with families like yours who share similar challenges with your children. You have an amazing faith and maybe your trials are encouraging another mother somewhere who is facing the same challenges? We never know how God is going to use it to minister to others. I will pray for your family and I look forward to hearing that you are out of the valley! Blessings!!