Thursday, September 1, 2016

The darker the storm...the brighter the rainbow.

We have not kept it a secret that we have been in the fight of our lives.  It has been the storm of all storms.  Left us broken hearted, in deep pain and grief.

In the middle of the darkest of dark paths...we found out we are expecting a baby.  Instantly, I saw the gift for what it was.

Hope.  New life.  A future.

Several months ago one of my close friends was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. We were all heartbroken and on our knees. One of my first prayers was that her husband would buy the house they changed their mind on just a few weeks before. When she called me to tell me he bought the house, on his own, and told her once the deal was done...I was ecstatic.  I knew that would be a message to her loud and clear..."you have a future and I'm investing in it!" and it was.

This pregnancy...right that gift.  No we couldn't have planned the timing.  Yes the darkness is almost tangible.  But this sudden unexpected gift now? It was a "your family has a future and hope" moment.

So much hope. So much joy. So much life was just breathed into our hurting family.

Ever since I found out...I have heard over and over and over in my head "the darker the storm...the brighter the rainbow."  Yes.  The storm has been horrific.  Darker than dark.  Pain deeper than I knew I could survive.  Hearts loosely stitched together.  Dark.   But...oh the rainbow.  A rainbow is always beautiful.  Always.  But have you ever seen one while the storm clouds still hung low? While the sky is still raging? The heavens almost seem angry? And right the middle of it all...the stark contrast of the beauty of the rainbow.  That.

With a strong heartbeat over 175 at 10 weeks, and a mama sick around the clock...this little one is due late March.  Thank you for sharing our joy.


  1. Amazing news, Janice! Praying for you, as well.

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    1. God's plans often keep us guessing for awhile, but in this case, it looks like he sent you this gift when you needed it most. I'm so sorry that your family is going thru such a dark time. We have also been thru the Valleys, with the death of our oldest daughter being the deepest valley, but God has carried us through it all, even when I was furious with Him. I hope this is a year of healing for all of you. How exciting to be welcoming a new little one into your lives!

  3. What a wonderful gift to your family, Janice! Congratulations! And I have to say, this little one is certainly blessed to have you and Dean as parents! Love and prayers, Lori

  4. Congratulations, such a sweet gift 💝 So happy for you all!

  5. Sweet music to my ears. Happy faces from here to there:)

  6. God's timing is ALWAYS perfect. Praying for you and your family.

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  8. So, my emoticons didn't work( prev. Comment) ... sending flowers, hugs and congratulaions your way...along with prayers. Lauretta