Sunday, February 12, 2017

The gift of...too much.

That wording our pastor used this morning just hit me right in the heart.

Have you ever been given the gift...of 'too much'...?

He spoke about the spiritual myth I've long detested. You know...that one that everyone consoles everyone with? That made up... "God will never give you more than you can handle."....? Yeah. That one.

I've always hated it. It's not scriptural at all.

And I'm living...much more than I can handle.

I think in this journey, one of my greatest cringe moments has been when someone hears our story and says " are WAY stronger than I am. I'd never survive THAT!".



What makes you think...that I have?

You think I would have ever signed up for this? Who signs up for cancer? Who signs up for the death of a child? Who signs up for financial ruin? Who signs up for a cheating spouse? Who signs up for anything less than lovely? Who signs up for their worst nightmare? Really. I mean...who?

No one does.

Not you. I know. I got that. But not me...either. not stronger than you.  That is also a myth.

I died hundreds of times along this journey. Somehow...? I lived.

I, like you, have heard of people dying of a broken heart...and I don't know how mine survived.


Not stronger.

The likelihood? Weaker. Much, much weaker.

The gift...of too much.

He went on to talk about God telling Paul that His strength was made perfect in Paul's weakness. That.  Broken. Hurting. Weak. Frail.  Done.

And when you are only have one option if you wish to survive.  Yeah. Brought to nothing. All the 'you' stuff is gone.  And God is all of a sudden your everything.

The gift...of too much.

I don't know what your 'too much' is. But I do know I'm not the only broken one. Perhaps in this exact situation...yes. But so many of us are...broken.  Falling apart at the seams.  Amazed we are still here and functioning.  Under the weight of...too much.

Could it somehow, a gift? Don't over analyze it. Because there's little in our story right now that is silver lined. But did it bring me crashing into the only true solid in my life...? Yes.

One of my favorite songs right now is "Sleep In The Storm".


...for the winds that push against me...push me straight into Your arms...

That.  The gift of 'too much' has made my faith a reality.  My absolute foundation. My survival.

You will...have much more than you can handle.  I'm sorry if I'm the first to tell you.  I truly am. But in what you cannot do...He can.  Nothing is more than He can handle. That's not trite...that's coming from someone being tossed to and fro by waves that overwhelm me.

In this gift of 'too much'...let Him carry you. You are not strong enough. You are not stronger.  In our frailty we are carried and see just how very strong He is.


  1. Janice,
    My heart breaks for you and your precious family. Although I've never commented, I check your blog whenever you pop into my thoughts and pray for you often. Your words of "you will have much more than you can handle" hit me hard in their truth and timeliness in our life. We are adopting a very sick little boy and although I worry it will be more than I can handle, I know that I will not be alone because He is there and will carry what I cannot. You were so reassuring with your kindness and honesty during our 1st adoption. I was scared and here we are one year later doing it again by following His call. I hope you realize how many hearts you touch and how many of those hearts care deeply about you!

  2. Janice I'll tell you what God has used of yours through all this for sure.... your words!!!! They are a sermon in themselves. I love reading your blogs and this last one was especially good for me! You are a tremendously good writer!!!

  3. I just want to thank you for sharing such beautiful posts. They pretty much sum up what I wish I was able to post on my blog. I don't know your whole story but I just wanted to share that our family is also going through a horrible tragic time right now. I am the second of nine kids and our lives have been completely shattered as yours has been also. I have been praying for your family. I am heartbroken for you all.

    And Sleep in the Storm is one of my favorites! Along with Aaron Shust's Reedeem and Bethel's You're gonna be okay. Believing that God will redeem and restore both of our families and all the families who are walking through horrible things.

    (18 yo)