Thursday, July 6, 2017

Still standing.




Battle wounds.





Still standing.



  1. Janice,
    Yes you are standing! Me too. We will stand in unity that the devil has no place in our lives. We will stand in divine presence knowing the battle is won on our knees looking up at the one who is our source of peace. We will stand and not be weary even when the attacks still come. We will stand even when we barely can breathe or hope or remember why we are here. We will stand knowing God will never leave us nor forget us in our pain. We will stand shoulder to shoulder, back to back as Gods people, banding together against the enemy. We will stand because Jesus has won the battle, and the war! We stand and then bow to our King, who is all knowing, and who has all power over life and the darkness that tries in vain to consume us. Pain, fear, doubt, worry, horror..all of it is a way for Satan to attack our minds yet only there can he try to control us as we are children of God. Mighty, powerful and a good God who will never leave his children standing alone. We may seem as if we are holding empty hands and completely powerless, no weapons, no way to defend us...but don't ever forget believers everywhere..the invisible yet very real God of the universe truly does stand in front of us as our literal shield, protector and provider of true and tangible love and safety. Nothing can come against us as truth says if God be for us, who shall be against us..well if God is with us and I know he is..who then stands WITH us in true solidarity? In true loyalty? If God takes my punishment on the cross. Then why should he not do something as simple as stand with me? Stand for me? Stand up for me? Bring his army to swoop me up and stand powerfully before the pitiful army of evil? God stands strong and because of him, we stand strong..not because of our own strength or courage but because of his. I am beat, dissolutioned, down, out, and on my face but oh no..I am not done! I am getting up. Take your best shot Satan, but again, you did and I'm stilll back up. Standing. Now Devil take your best shot at can't knock him down, or destroy him, or get him to die. Jesus rose to overcome, to save you know what...we can stand even if we look destroyed, like it's game over. We can stand because God is the great physician too, he WILL also heal us so a million hits from the devil hurts bad but ONE...just one tiny touch from God heals all wounds. And you guessed it, our brokenness, all of it. Done. We are then back up, looking way up in awe. WE ARE STANDING once again. How can that be? God.simply put. The creator of the universe will not. Can not. leave his people alone. We ARE His. You are either with Jesus or not. With Jesus you inherit everything he we stand in strength because of him and him alone. We only stand alone, powerless if we don't know and have Jesus. Jesus is getting us THROUGH the storm. We Will continue to stand!!!! Janice, everyone..keep looking up. Stare at the face of Jesus...he is with us!!!! Front. Of us.
    I'm standing! Yes I am. And I won't sit down.not now. Not ever. Standing tall because of my God, in him, And all for him. God is in control!