Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The lifter of my head...

Anyone who knows...has asked us how in the world we have survived. How have you lived that...? I could never live that.  How do you get up each morning...? How...?

I was sitting on the deck a few mornings ago. I was reading my Bible. I have read Psalms HUNDREDS of times. I have never...ever...ever seen this.

I stopped and looked up. It was beautiful and it's mine.  It was for me. No doubt in my mind.

There's a lot of descriptives of God in the Bible.  I have never read this one. I've never heard of it...but make no mistake...I've known and experienced it.

It was just so beautiful to read it.

"But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory and the lifter of my head..." (ESV Psalm 3:3)

I don't have any other answer. I'm sorry if you don't get it. Think it's a fairy tale or just positive thinking.  Let me assure you positive thinking would not have saved me in the last year.  No..it would not.  There was something so much more.

I had a 'lifter of my head".  How beautiful is that?

Last week at the Oregon Coast, Dean snapped this picture of me and all I could think as I saw it was "ahhh...the lifter of my head".  I don't have a lot of natural reason to look up and smile right now.  I don't.  That's not me being negative...that's me being raw and real.

I love this picture.  Because he caught me in a moment. My happy place...the sun...the beautiful gift on my chest...and my head lifted.

Maybe the whole 'chin up' is actually Biblical...or let Him lift your head.  Look up.

The passage goes on to say this..."I lay down and slept; I woke again for the Lord sustained me".  And yes...that's my story too. There were many nights I thought I wouldn't wake.  And when I did, I wondered how I had.  Then I read this.  I woke for one reason...He sustained me.


  1. Here's a song by FFH written from this verse, Be My Glory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkQQhjRdCVM

  2. So very beautiful. Today I will have a double mastectomy and begin my journey with cancer. God is indeed the lifter of my head.
    God bless you and I'm sorry it's so hard.

  3. Janice....I love your spirit! God is also lifting me and my family up right now as last weekend, we had to do the unthinkable and painful thing to let our daughter go. She is with a new family for now and we are not sure what the future holds for us or her. We are walking a road we have never wanted and God brings such joy out of this...despite the overwhelming sadness. God has brought multiple songs, choirs of singing birds, rainbows, and confirmations so plentiful I can hardly even believe it to be true..but in my life God has always spoken loud and clear to me. Passing away as a child and being brought back..I have seen the face of Jesus and so since then He speaks to me constantly. In the midst of the sorrow, he showed me the face of another little girl and I thought..how could God ever bring back what we may be losing forever? But knowing God as I do..I know he can bring beauty from ashes and restore what has been lost to us. I know this . But still..it's oh so hard to believe it. He has sustained us for so long that I can't even believe we are still standing. So much has come against our family and there were days I couldn't even believe we could get through the devils attacks. But here we are, standing. Weary, worn and exhausted...but still..we stand. We are united as a family to continue on the path God has set forth, despite the war we have and still are living. Praising God in the storm, God allowed me to hear that song..exactly as I was going over a large bridge. God impressed upon me that he makes a way over things and that he is carrying us through the pain to another side. As I drove over the bridge, it's as if God was there saying..I allowed you to be on that side for a reason. To see and experience something most people will never live through. To have you learn and grow. To have your family see the world and life in a whole new way. And your pain will also be a way for you to reach others...on and on he went for days.
    Here I am in this horrible pain and yet God is speaking loudly every second of every minute if everyday and our family is experiencing peace, joy, mercy, grace and restoration. And yes, even a future. Even though we have no idea if our daughter will come back, or stay where she is at, or if God will heal her, or where God is taking us, if we will ever be able to grow our family again, etc. So yes, I understand your words fully Janice. I have walked through unimaginable situations many times throughout life and so I know the raw, deep pain it's left and I have seen him deliver me from that..so I was battle tested, but still...this battle has been one of the hardest and I knew to cling to him and trust him to get me through it..but still..wow the pain and fear. So consuming. The devil does try his best but he is not going to win. I put him on notice. And the fights on. It's like the song..The Cross has the final word..God does have the final word and if I belong to him, and I do...he will win for me..always. I just need to keep lifting my head UP and focus on him, feel his presence. He isn't leaving us Janice, none of us is he leaving. We are his. We will be sustained, we will stand. We will overcome. Be restored. And face the fears, doubt, and pain with him carrying us. We are carried to the other side and there he will be waiting...just never give up. He is here with us!!!! Praise God!!!! :)